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safer (you only lose your money if the company or government goes bankrupt but provide a lower return. Incidentally, portfolio theory is also why arguments about Bitcoin hoarding are so lame. Likewise, given a desired level of expected return, billonario invierte en bitcoin an investor can construct a portfolio with the lowest possible risk.

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The portfolio's risk is a complicated function of the variances of each asset and the correlations of each pair of assets. What is 'Modern Portfolio Theory - MPT'. It is possible to draw an upward sloping hyperbola to connect all of the most efficient portfolios, and this is known as the efficient frontier. What you could do is put half your money into Exxon, which is less likely to match the performance of tech stocks, and so will provide similar returns with a lot less risk. If you wanted a safer portfolio, you could put 50 into Apple and 50 into Amazon. You achieve that by having a well-diversified portfolio where no single asset represents more then 4 of the total, and the correlation between assets is minimized. To be clear, if people are holding more volatile assets in their wallets, the rest of their portfolio will have to become marginally less volatile. Next Up, breaking down 'Modern Portfolio Theory - MPT'. I think that upon reflection, volatility is not so important for the medium of exchange.

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